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Oral Practice

Allen / 2023-05-21

going to be a father

part one:

Can you please hurry? I’m in a rush.

She’s at hospital giving birth to our first baby.

I’ll take a shortcut. We should be able to get there in no time. (Take a short cut)

To be honest, the thought of becoming a father is a bit unsettling to me.

As a father, you’re going to have to face unexpected challenges almost every day.

You have got to stop working like this!

Surely, you must be able to arrange your work better!

I might also be able to take some time off soon.

My parent said they would be able to take care of the kids if we went away.

So, we should be able to go somewhere nice, like Japan.

part two:

but I did finish writing my book today.You do look a bit tired.

I do want to relax.

Working too much does raise your blood pressure.

Do let me know if you need any help with the food.

part three:

she studied psychology in college.

She felt a lot of anxiety about her friend’s illness.

He was ashamed of himself for getting so angry.

I recently read some books about psychology. Under so much stress, anxiety is very normal. There is noting to ashamed of.

it’s so considerate of you to help me cross the street.

He used to be a cowardly boy and was scared of rainy nights.

I do feel happy for him, but I also feel sad that I haven’t achieved anything extraordinary.

Sorry to butt in , but could I get my bill?

get a loan from bank

——– part one:

You have all the documents, don‘t you?

Great! Have you filled out the loan application from yet?

Now, tell me more details about your restaurant.

You have brought a copy of your credit report , haven’t you?

——– part two:

You can take out money from a checking account at any time, but you earn a little or no interest from it

you can earn interest from a saving account, but there’s a limit on the timing and amount of money you can take from it

People usually use checking account for daily payments, and use saving account to save for the future.

The school offers financial support to students

The bank will consider your financial conditions before giving your a load

——– part three:

I didn’t have money at the end of last month and had to buy things on credit

If you don’t keep at least 50 dollars in you bank account, you have to pay in fine

He has to pay a fine for returning the book late

It’s stressful to owe a bank a large amount of money , especially when it’s due within a short period of time.

I hoped to earn a lot of money this year so that I could pay the money back in advance of the due date.

But now I am in trouble and I have no choice but to postpone making the next payment.

As a result, the bank will charge additional fees for that, which almost makes me depressed.