Tech Whims

I’m a data engineer working at GaoTu, Inc. I earned my Master from architecture of computer, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2014. I am in charge of big data platform in Gaotu Big Data Team for years. The most unforgettable experience is the whole stage of the company from the initial stage of entrepreneurship to ring the bell, accompanied by three ups and downs of the company, and finally stable development.

The goal of life is to make a difference in the world, even if it is small.


先后在人人网、高途教育科技集团(以前叫跟谁学)工作。在高途负责大数据平台团队,结合技术大数据 + 在线教育,如果感兴趣可以看看:

  1. 大数据技术 | The discovery of Spark

  2. 在线教育




原则:2/8 原则、不浪费时间、不让渣人渣事分哪怕一丝精力、极简、小而美